All About Video Games

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Nowadays, video games are more popular than ever. This is because members of many generations find them joyful and are love this form of pastime. Games can be played on lots of electronic devices ranging from very pricey game consoles to the miniature mobile phones in most people’s pockets. However, like most other hobbies, you should watch yourself when you indulge in video games. Here are some tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind regarding this hobby.


First of all, if you are facing any problems with seeing details that are very important in your video game, you can always adjust the brightness. Video game designers are known for their tendencies to set the mood in their games. This mood may however come with a price as important aspects of the game may be missed. In such a case, you can take back control by boosting the brightness. After all, that is the reason why there is a brightness control setting.

If you are purchasing the game for your kids, or another child that you know, it would do you a lot of help to discuss the purchase with the child first. Do not just purchase the video game on a whim. Sports are usually very different from video games and so by purchasing the emoji game answers on a whim, you may not be making the best choice for the child. Talk to the child and find out what he or she would be interested in.

If you are a consistent gamer, it is advisable that you take video game breaks from time to time. Sitting in the same position for an extensive period of time can be very dangerous to your health. It may not seem to be an attractive prospect, but you should force yourself to pause your game at least every half hour and refresh your body with a brief walk. This will be very helpful to your body and it clears your mind so you can play better.

With increasing development of technology and advancement of internet services, more and more video games are being made available to the public via the internet. You should therefore never be shy about downloading these games digitally. Though provision of games via the internet was challenging at first, it has been smoothed out.

It has now become very easy to purchase and legally access and download video games. It will also be a better way of hanging on to the game since with some reputable sources, you are allowed to download the game more than once and so you can recover from a computer meltdown without having to purchase another DVD.

Games, especially those with online access are becoming more and more creative on ways in which they can make money off consumers. You should therefore be very careful when a game asks you to buy something with real money. Ensure that you examine this deal extensively before you participate. They may save you some time but in some cases, it is better to play more and save some money.

Video games are now offering a great way to keep you shape. At this age, technology that utilizes motion sensing has become quite popular in the gaming market. This involves using your body as a controller and playing lots of games ranging from dance to sports. This makes improving your level of fitness at the comfort of your home easier.

5 Of The Best Puzzle Games For Android

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These handpicked brain sweating selections will rack your brain. Just work them out and you will know why they were handpicked.

Apart from the shooting aliens, driving endlessly round a track and decapitating zombies mobile gaming has much more to offer.

If you want to keep your old synapses firing when you hit your twilight years, you have to keep them fresh and busy. This will make your brain sharp.

This is not the only reason why you need to play. You can also play them because they are tons of fun.

To wrap your mind around, here are some of the best android puzzles handpicked for you to choose from


A poor old Swampy. This is peaceful and chilled out alligator who simply needs a good hot shower. You need to rack your brains well as you have to help the water on its way as the dastardly Cranky has unfortunately mucked around with the pipes.

This is not the only challenge. The space between Swampy s tub and each pool of water has a lot of obstacles including bombs, algae, and poisonous acid. Where is my Water? has a well-judged learning curve, plenty of varieties and endearing characters making it a beautifully made puzzler. So far, this game has created 4 spin-offs and a sequel. Mickey Mouse is starring in Where’s My Mickey? being our favorite.

For only 1.49 sterling pounds, you can download Where’s my Water?



Threes is built on the same simple mechanics like all the other best puzzle games. In order to clear a 4 by 4 grid, you have to merge the number cards. You can achieve this by sliding the cards into each other. This rule has a couple of exceptions only matching numbers have to combine.

When they combine, they have to be a single tile with the total value of their constituents combined. In my explanation, it may seem like a hard nut to crack but once you give it a try, you will never look back. This game can simply be compared with crack addiction as it will never leave your mind. Its visuals and music plus the perfect play for two minutes at a time make the trees an amazing game you must play.

You can simply download your game of threes with only 1.31 pounds.



If there is a list of the finest puzzle game our fingers have ever touched, The Room Two tops the list. The game throws you into numerous rooms having the beautiful feel of Victoria steam-punk. From old machinery to the secret switches and manipulation of levers to reveal keys, clues, and various other items to help you escape every section this game has a series of puzzles.

It may look so easy in theory but just try it and you will understand how theory can differ from practical. This game is incredibly hard to crack considering the fact that the game will keep you busy for a few solid hours trying to figure out how to escape.

For only 1.99 pounds, you can download The Room Two.



Pixwords is popular puzzle game. It has 22 languages available.
The game will give you a picture and you have to fill the crossword hidden in that picture. After you solve one word, you unlock the other letter until you have revealed the whole puzzle.
Some levels are easy ,some are not.
This incredible puzzle has more than 800 levels and it will help you with your vocabulary.

For these game there are also available cheats in almost every language. You can find a cheat example in French at

You can download Pixwords for free



This game involves getting the trains to goal stations of the same color. You achieve this by tapping Start and drawing tracks. The best thing is that you can waste as much time as you want as a train operator. Without you realizing, the games gets fiendish and before you notice it, you will struggling with a heap of track in order to stop trains from colliding, routing round rocks and merging and splitting trains.

You can also feel free to check the Trainyard Express for free. In theory, it is a demo for this one but in a real sense contains more puzzles. You can also check the similar and equally impressive game RGB Express.

You can download Trainyard for 1.99 pounds.



The moment we stepped into Monument Valley we knew that love, at first sight, is real in the gaming world. We were attracted to the abstract Escher universe. You are thrust into a silent princess s shoes.

This princess must drag spin around various features during every level and in order to traverse impossible monuments. The game involves a lot of clever trickeries and there is nothing more stunning than the level design. There is an inbuilt screenshot feature we have used to create snazzy wallpapers.

Download Monument Valley for only 2.49 Sterling pounds.

Best iPhone And Android Puzzle Games From 2015

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We are almost through 2015, and with all the new puzzles games that have been released for the Windows, iOs and Android phones, it can definitely be very difficult to keep track of them all. So we wanted to make some sense of all of this, and provide you with a list of the games that you might not have played yet but should definitely try out.

In this great selection of games, we will be focusing only on the best Windows, Android, iPad and iPhone games for just 2015. That means two things: that all of the puzzle games were released in 2015 and that we are only including the very best puzzle games that you’ll definitely want to check out and play.

From more traditional puzzlers, to modern day sci-fi puzzles, we take the broadest definition possible of the genre puzzle to include some of the more traditional type of top-down puzzles that really shine from either their intriguing complexity or their immersive and story environments, along with more modern ambient and atmospheric puzzle experiences. And although The Room 3 – which is potentially the year’s highest-profile puzzler – has been delayed and won’t be released until later in the year, never fear because there are plenty of excellent games for you to try out. So let’s take a closer look at the best new iPhone and Android puzzle games from 2015 below:

1. Test Chamber
Free on Android and iOs

Test Chamber

Test Chamber is a difficult and stylish puzzle game. World-wrapping mechanics are featured, and game play centers on navigating your cube-headed hero through a mind-bending and intricate world. The various levels will definitely challenge how you conceive space. In order to continue, you will need to find a portal that takes you into the mysterious Warp Zone, where the truth about the Dark Stranger is revealed.

2. Bit Bit Love
$0.99 on Android or iOS

Bit Bit Love

This puzzle game from France has a very interesting premise. It is a game where two bits of data are in love and searching for one another while trying to avoid deletion. This charming puzzle game takes place inside a digital world that forbids love, and that is why the security agents A5CA and ROD enter the system and attempt to delete the two lovers.

3. Shadowmatic
$2.99 on iOS


This brand new version of Shadowmatic for iPad and iPhone sets a new standard for puzzle games. Its graphics are stunning, and it features a spacious 3D-like approach to rotating, twisting and tiling of pieces in order to perfectly match their shapes. The puzzles are assembled in 9 rooms, so there are 9 different environments available to you with, with each having its own music and atmosphere. At first the game can be quite challenging, which is why Shadowmatic include a comprehensive system of hints in order to assist you so that you don’t get stuck or frustrated.

The game costs $2.99, which is a reasonable price for the experience you are provided, which spans over 70 different levels.

4. Breath of Light
$2.99 on Android or iOS

Breath of Light

Breath of Light takes its inspiration from modern minimalism, along with a wide range of various meditative art styles, including Indian Buddhist art, Sumi inks and Zen Gardening. This is a beautiful and very meditative sound games that features a very hypnotic soundtrack from Winterpark.

5. PixWords
Free on Android and iOs


This is an interesting and wonderful word puzzle challenge that is available in 21 different languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and Korean, among others.

Every word is hidden inside a picture and is a crossword puzzle. The challenge is to solve all of the words. Once you solve one word, another letter is opened up, which gradually unravels the whole puzzle.


– Universal app for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone
– Free game
– Simple rules
– Hundreds of pictures and words
– Over 350 levels
– 21 different languages available
– Great way to improve your vocabulary

For easy hints of these games in greek go to: PixWords Ολες οι λυσεις στα Ελληνικα

How to Reach your Maximum Potential as a Formidable Gamer

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Is there a particular video game giving you a hard time? Are you stuck in some strange temple with no clue of how to solve the puzzles before you? Are you desperately digging through inventory to produce the right combination of ingredients to give you a solution to this level? Is the Boss Level impossible to beat?

This is why we have video games to proffers us challenges that we would otherwise never see, by the same measure these challenges can often be daunting and leave the gamer stumped. This article was written to give you some gaming insights to help you overcome the challenges and beat any game you encounter… like a Boss.

Mastering the Shooter
If in a shooter match you fail to make an impact on the enemy –even after you could have sworn you had the zombie in your sites –try checking the range and recoil of the weapons you use. Just as in real life the specifics of each weapon decide their range, recoil and piercing power, virtual weaponry must also be studied to take full advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

To become a true master of shooter games it is essential to master the weapons. You must know everything there is to know about each weapon how it works best. Some weapons work better at long range others are little more than melee weapons –knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the weapons will help you to use your weapons more effectively.
Online Gaming and Playing with Kids

It is important to read out the full list of provisos and stipulations to be sure you are getting a fully operative package –some packages require that the gamer purchase updates, or other features in order to access multi-player mode. Always check the reviews for any gaming sites you or your child may be interested in.

If you do have children who enjoy online gaming it is very important that as the parent you monitor these online interactions. Even though the ability to access a huge listing of international gamers is a dream some of us barely believed would happen in our generation, it is also a gamble as to what kind of characters you will meet online.

With today’s technology gamers can interact fully with each other to complete missions, encounter other online gamers and even make friends. It is important that children are monitored and that their online friends and playmates are all wholesome influences.

Video games are also a terrific way to build a healthy relationship of respect and mutual interests with your children — kids today are very fond of video games. If you think you could benefit from spending more quality time with your children consider beating them at Super Street Fighter IV –for instance.

By showing interests in their interests you validate their hobby and can engender mutual understanding. Furthermore, if you want to improve as a gamer –and practice an exercise in humility– observe how your child approaches the game. Young minds pick up on many aspects of gaming that adults –even hardcore gamers like myself– can be completely oblivious to.
Purchasing Equipment
Always be sure to review any games you are considering as an addition to your gaming collection -this is especially true when buying prequels. A lot of times the part two’s just don’t measure up. There is no reason to hurry up and purchase the game as soon as it comes out –wait and find out how good it really is first.

Before doling out stacks of green paper for gaming hardware like memory cards, controllers,and such, be sure to check online and in the local 2nd hand shops and garage sales. This is one of the most commonly resold items and finding deals on functioning gaming supplies is easy –just be sure you know how to make sure the item you get works well.

Rent games before you actually buy them. Games can be rented before they are purchased. This is a good idea because –if you actually hope to complete a game on the hardest difficulty– you will need to dedicate some time learning the finer aspects of the game.

Knowing that you really enjoy everything about the game you will spend time on is the best way to be sure you improve and spend the time to ace the game.

In the end we all get stuck at some point –if we didn’t why continue playing games. But there are always plenty of other members of the worldwide gaming community to lend a tip.

October 2015: Here Are The Latest And Greatest Android Games

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Eternity Warriors 4


This is the latest installment in Glu’s very popular fantasy RPG series, Eternity Warriors. The story should be pretty familiar to RPG fans — a lone hero on a quest to cross the world, upgrading skills and picking up gear along the way. You can play as one of three standard character types: a mage, a warrior, or an assassin. While the plot isn’t going to win any points for originality, the polish Glu has put into the presentation is notable.

This game sets a new, higher standard for animation and graphics quality in Android games. Glu has created a unique atmosphere of high drama with their beautiful textures and lighting. The action comes fast and furious, but the responsive controls are up to the challenge. The overall experience is like playing a very well-crafted combination of Diablo and God of War.

The hands of talented experts are easy to see behind this game. The overall production values on Eternity Warriors 4 are an easy match for any other Android game. With plenty of different play modes to explore (including guild questing, weekly special events, and player-vs-player combat) this game delivers an awful lot of content for a free title.

Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft Go

Square Enix had a surprise hit on their hands last year with Hitman GO, and so they’ve decided it’s time to work the same magic with the popular Tomb Raider franchise. While the setting of Lara Croft GO should be familiar to Tomb Raider fans, it offers a fresh play experience that departs pretty radically from the standard TR gameplay. This isn’t an action title; it’s a turn-based adventure with a heavy emphasis on puzzle solving.

This is definitely not a bad thing! As you’d expect from Square Enix, the presentation of this game is beautiful. There’s plenty of content included, too; the five-chapter adventure includes 75 challenging puzzles. The game offers in-app purchases to speed you on your way through the story, but they’re not at all essential. The app itself costs five dollars, but refunds are available if Lara Croft GO doesn’t suit your tastes.

Dungeon Boss

Dungeon Boss

This new turn-based dungeon crawling game offers you a lot of fast and challenging combat. Each stage is a gauntlet of menacing foes that have to be vanquished to reach and overpower the big boss. Meeting the challenge and beating the bad guys nets you a hoard of wealth you can use to upgrade stats and buy items to prepare yourself for the next stage.

In terms of aesthetics and gameplay, Dungeon Boss is strongly reminiscent of Double Fine’s popular game Costume Quest. With chunky 3D graphics and cutesy background environments, the game looks almost child-friendly. Don’t be fooled, though: You’ll need considerable skill to make it through to the end of the game.

Star Wars: Uprising

Star Wars Uprising

The Star Wars franchise obviously needs no introduction. If you’re eager to watch the next chapter of the story unfold with the release of Episode VII, Star Wars: Uprising is a great way to prepare.

Uprising gives you a look at important events occurring between Episode VI and Episode VII. Don’t mistake this for a story-driven title, though. You’ll need to steer your character through plenty of challenging action (including co-op play) to earn your insights into the Star Wars universe. This free RPG lets you learn Jedi abilities and complete quests across the galaxy as you level up and learn more about the fate of the Empire and the New Republic.



The talented designers at MADFINGER Games already struck gold with the apps Dead Trigger 1 and 2. Their latest offering is UNKILLED, an app that offers you a fresh spin on the idea of first-person zombie killing. Take control of a survivor in a freshly-zombified New York and fight your way free! UNKILLED has an interesting split-screen control scheme that lets you control movement and aiming separately.

Never mind the storyline here; the real attraction is blasting your way through countless zombie hordes using the effortlessly smooth controls. This game is an excellent demonstration of the full possibilities of cutting-edge Android games.